He took his first steps in the music world at the young age of four, exploring the beautiful notes of the opera from works by composers such as Verdi and Puccini.
Today, Manuele has widespread approval from the public and critics for his particularly charming and profound music. He has developed numerous collaborations with Award Winning Directors, TV, international emerging companies, also by signing the soundtrack for the CICAP chaired by the famous journalist-TV presenter Piero Angela and the Docu-Fiction "Breaking the Silence" Direct by Frank Gigante.
He is currently a composer for Watly, where with his music accompanies important commercial spots and is circulating around the world on the web.


" In the course of my career, I have had the privilege to meet and work with many talented musicians and composers, and it is my considered opinion that Manuele is a Major talent in the field of music-one who brings his own unique skill and musical eloquence to his composition. His musical themes capture complex emotions,being at once emotionally charged and skillfully executed,showing an extraordinary ability in conveying emotions through music."




       -Mariano Baino - Award Winning Director "Dark Water" 





" His music is particularly attractive as it reflects this background and at the same time breaks free from the many rules of tonal harmony, giving the listener an impression of originality. Years ago, I produced a studio recording of his early piano works so I was able to witness the passion and talent of a real artist, and artist who can't live without writing music. Today, his music is much more complex and at times showcases impressive orchestration skills. I personally think his music would be very suitable for film or animation pictures soundtracks."



      -Simone Ferraresi - Pianist and composer, Chair and Artist Director "Ferrara Piano Festival"